Acquiring Dutch citizenship (naturalisation)

As a non-Dutch person you can acquire Dutch citizenship in 2 different ways:

  1. Obtaining Dutch nationality by option;
  2. Obtaining Dutch nationality by naturalisation.

Do you intend to acquire Dutch citizenship and live in Alkmaar? Please call 14 072 for a first or second meeting. The relevant conditions will be discussed at the first meeting. This is followed by a second meeting to submit the option or naturalisation request.

Please note:

  • Obtaining the Dutch nationality by option may have consequences for your current nationality;
  • The amount you paid for the procedure will not be refunded if you withdraw your request or if your request is rejected;
  • Payment is only possible using your debit card.
Naturalisation: joint: standard € 1023,00
Naturalisation: single request: low rate € 760,00
Naturalisatie: gemeenschappelijk: standaard € 1305,00
Naturalisation: single request: low rate € 1044,00
Naturalisation: minor € 151,00
Option: single € 217,00
Option: joint € 370,00
Option: minor € 24,00


  • A passport stating your nationality; 
  • Valid residence permit (for a non-temporary purpose); 
  • Dutch diploma at VMBO level minimum (secondary vocational education), state examination diploma ‘Dutch as a second language’ or the civic integration diploma suitable for naturalisation (level A2); 
  • A legalised birth certificate (not necessary if already accepted and registered in the Key Registration of Persons). 

We verify the authenticity of your identity papers and check if any other documents are required. 

  • If you meet the conditions for the option procedure, the municipality will send you a letter with the decision;


  • If you meet the conditions for naturalisation, the municipality will draw up a recommendation and send it to the IND together with your application. You will then receive a letter with the decision of the IND; 


  • If you obtain the Dutch nationality, you will receive an invitation to make the declaration of solidarity. You will only become a Dutch citizen if you make the declaration of solidarity. This means that you know that the laws of the Kingdom of the Netherlands also apply to you. After making the declaration of solidarity, you will receive the decision stating that you have become Dutch.