RNI - Extract application

Do you live abroad (or have you lived in the Netherlands for less than four months) and do you need an extract from the Registration of Non-Residents (RNI)? For example, because you emigrated or lost your BSN? In that case please apply for an RNI extract.

You can apply for the RNI extract in two ways. 

Online application

For online application, use your DigiD to log in on our online form. In case you don’t have DigiD, have a copy of your passport ready to upload.

You will receive your RNI extract as soon as possible on the given address.

 Visit the desk

If you are in the Netherlands, you can visit the City Office in Alkmaar. To make an appointment, please send an e-mail to rni@alkmaar.nl. You cannot visit without an appointment. 

  • Print the form for the application of the extract (pdf), complete it and bring it to the appointment
  • Also bring your valid ID 
  • You pay directly by debit card 
  • You will receive the extract straight away 
  • Are you unable to come in person? In that case you can authorise someone else with the authorisation form. The authorised person must bring the following items to the Civil Affairs desk: 
  • The authorisation form fully completed and signed by you. 
  • A copy of your proof of identity (passport, driving licence or Dutch identity card) 
  • A valid proof of identity

The RNI extract costs € 18,66.

In case you requested a RNI extract but you are not registered in the RNI, you won’t receive a refund of the costs.