Emigration (moving to another country)

Emigration means that you are or will be living abroad for more than 8 months in a year. These do not have to be consecutive 8 months.

You will be obliged to deregister from the Key Registration of Persons (BRP). Even if you keep your house in the Netherlands, you will need to deregister.

You can only report your relocation abroad in writing if all the persons in your household are moving with you. Will family members continue to live at the address? In that case you can only report your departure at the City Office.

– In writing (only if everyone at the address moves along)

Print the change of address declaration form. Complete it and send it to the municipality. Please also enclose a copy of your valid proof of identity.

– Personal

Print the change of address declaration form and complete it. If not all persons of your household move with you, you and all persons who do move abroad must come to the City Office to report the relocation. This also applies to (minor) children. This is by appointment only.

You must report your emigration within 5 days before the emigration date in your place of residenceThis cannot be done earlier. You can, however, make an appointment for the personal tax return earlier.

We will deregister you from the Key Registration of Persons (KRP). We will then forward your details to the Agency for the Key Administration of Personal Data and Travel Documents (Agentschap Basisadministratie Persoonsgegevens en Reisdocumenten).

If you emigrate and deregister at the municipal desk, the municipality can provide you with a certificate of deregistration free of charge. This is only possible on the day of deregistration. 

If you have already deregistered, you can request the proof of deregistration at one of the 18 Registration Desks for Non-Residents (RNR).

If you have emigrated, request an extract from one of the 18 Registration Non-Residents (RNRdesks. You can no longer obtain one from your last municipality.