Moving (within the Netherlands / Alkmaar)

Are you relocating within the municipality of Alkmaar? Or are you moving to the municipality of Alkmaar? Please let us know. This can be done directly online.

Please enter the relocation or emigration for residents form using DigiD.

Please note:

Are you moving in with someone? In that case you will need permission from the main resident. The main resident is the one who already lives at the address you are moving to. Ask him/her to complete the main resident’s permission form.

You report your relocation to the municipality where you are going to live. You will automatically be deregistered from our municipality.
Facilities such as a disabled parking card or stairlift will not automatically be transferred to your new municipality. You will need to find out what you need to do to qualify for these facilities in your new place of residence.

If you own a dog, you must also inform your new municipality because you may be due dog tax (not every municipality imposes dog tax).

I am unable to report my relocation online. What am I supposed to do?

Please contact the Civil Affairs Department by telephone on telephone number 14 072.

We process your relocation in our administration. We will use the relocation date you have given us. 

If your relocation takes place in the future, it will be processed on the day of the  relocation date specified by you. You will receive a confirmation. 

You can view your new data via the MijnOverheid website. You will need your DigiD to do so. The changes are listed under the personal data tab.

You must report your relocation from 4 weeks before the date of the relocation until 5 days afterwards.

Will you report the relocation later? In that case, the date on which you report the relocation will be your official relocation date. 


On the 5th of October you enter the relocation form. On this form you have stated that you will move on 10 October. Your relocation will then be processed on 10 October. As soon as your relocation has been processed, you will receive a confirmation.

Reporting your own relocation 

You can do so if you are 16 years or older.

Reporting the relocation
 for somebody else. You can do so for:  

Your minor child, if you are the parent, guardian or carer.

Your spouse or registered partner.

Your adult child, if he or she moves with you. 

Your parent, if he or she moves with you. 

Someone under guardianship, if you are the guardian.


Please note

You cannot report a relocation of, for example, a friend with whom you live together without a registered partnership. Only this person can report a relocation.


We will pass on your relocation notice to other government and public bodies. Examples are: Tax authorities, pension fund, water boards, other municipalities, National Insurance Institute. 

You must inform commercial institutions, such as banks, by yourself.

You are legally obliged to inform the municipality where you live. Even if something changes in your situation, you must report it. For example, if you move houses, get married or have a child.

If you do not report your relocation on time, you may receive an administrative fine. You risk a fine if you allow someone to register at your address whereas that person does not live there.